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Thank you to all our customers!

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What another fabulous Craft Fayre day! Every time Handmade Hannah Crafts trades we are surprised by how many people compliment our goods. It’s giving us energy to keep bringing out newer and bigger things!

We listened to you yesterday and you want more of the LITTLE ROUND TIN CANDLES as they are such lovely long burning candles for that relaxing evening in. We are currently sourcing new suppliers of the little tins as unfortunately our original supplier has discontinued that size. Boo. BUT NEVER FEAR we will be creating more soon!

Also yesterday you asked if we do ADULT SIZED APRONS. We were testing the interest at yesterdays fayre with the CHILDREN’S SIZED APRONS to see if it would be worth creating a full range in different sizes and the answer is…YES! We will be making ADULT SIZED APRONS SOON!

In the meantime if you have any comments or suggestions please do contact us we’d love to hear what you think. Contact us at HandmadeHannahCrafts@hotmail.co.uk

See you at the next fayre!

Hannah xx


Author: Handmade Hannah Crafts

Handmade Hannah Crafts is run by Hannah. She lives and Crafts in the heart of Hornchurch producing beautiful products that can be given as gifts or enjoyed at home. Hannah’s textile cards are made from recycling little scraps of fabric and found items such as buttons then adding her own design embellishments. Her Candles are made from a range of waxes each with their own benefits for example, Soy Wax burns cooler than paraffin wax, it is a renewable product and is produced from non-GM crops. Hannah’s bags are made from the finest quality cotton upholstery fabrics and beautiful 100% cotton prints. Each Craft is individually made by hand by Hannah. Crafts include: - Shopper bags - Textile Cards - Hand-poured Fragranced Candles - Fabric Zippy Bags - Glass Beady Badges - Aprons - Sun Hats - Commissions

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