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Zips! Zips! Zips!

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Today we’ve been pinning and sewing the ZIP casings for a set of MEDIUM SHOPPER BAGS. These zip parts will secure all your bits and bobs you need when popping down the shops.

Each SHOPPER BAG has a complimentary colour lining to the outside design. All 100% COTTON so easy to wash.

Got an idea for a bag? Drop us a message at HandmadeHannahCrafts@hotmail.co.uk.

Author: Handmade Hannah Crafts

Handmade Hannah Crafts is run by Hannah. She lives and Crafts in the heart of Hornchurch producing beautiful products that can be given as gifts or enjoyed at home. Hannah began crafting at a young age taking her hand to anything from painting to knitting to candle making. Today she develops quality products that are beautiful as gifts or for enjoying at home. This passion has blossomed into a successful business. Hannah ran her first Craft Stall back in July 2012 and Handmade Hannah Crafts has grown in leaps and bounds since. Watch this space! Each Craft is individually made by hand by Hannah. Crafts include: - Shopper bags - Textile Cards - Hand-poured Fragranced Candles - Fabric Zippy Bags - Glass Beady Badges - Aprons - Sun Hats - Commissions

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